What do the most common course attributes on the schedule indicate?

The most common attributes are detailed in the table below. Some academic departments use attributes to identify courses within a concentration or track. Please consult your academic advisor if you are enrolled in a concentration with specific course attributes.

Attribute     Description
ACTV Activity Course
CG # Cortland General Education Category #
CPSN Capstone Course
CTGS Center for Gender and Intercultural Studies Course
HNRS Honors Course
LASR Liberal Arts Requirement
LRNC Learning Community Course
NCRT Non-Cortland Course (Offered by Other Unit/Agency - Example: ROTC)
PRES Presentation Skills
SLRN Service Learning
SRES Shared Resources Course (UG and GR meet together)
WRIT Writing Intensive Section
XLST Cross Listed Course
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  • 20-Apr-2017