How do I obtain an unofficial transcript for the Excelsior Scholarship application?

Students have two approved options to provide this information to HESC.  You may obtain course summary information (unofficial transcript information) in the following ways:

OPTION ONE: Access the Unofficial Transcript/Semester Summary in myRedDragon.  

  1. Log in to myRedDragon.
  2. Click the Student tab after you log in.
    Student Tab
  3. Find the Registrar channel on the Student page.

  4. Select the Unofficial Transcript link under the Important Excelsior Information heading at the top of the channel.

OPTION TWO: Access the Academic History Summary using Degree Works.

    1. Log in to myRedDragon.
    2. Click the Student tab after you log in.
    3. Find the Registrar channel.
    4. Select Degree Works under the Degree & Requirement Fulfillment heading in the channel.

    5. Once your Degree Works audit loads, click the Academic History link to open a window with your course summary.

Providing an Electronic Document to HESC

HESC prefers that you provide an electronic document as a PDF.  Other common image formats are also acceptable.  To do so, you can "Print to PDF" in most operating systems.  If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you may also have a "PRINT TO PDF" printer present in your printer list.

    • MacOS Instructions
      • MacOS has a built-in PDF printing feature that will work in most applications.
      • While viewing the unofficial transcript or your academic history, click COMMAND+P.
      • In the bottom left corner, select the PDF drop down and select Save as PDF.
    • Windows Chrome Browser Instructions
      • We recommend you use Google Chrome, since it has a built-in PDF printing feature.
      • While viewing the unofficial transcript or your academic history, click CONTROL+P.
      • Select Save As PDF as the printer.

    • Other Options
      • You may have a PDF printer option in your operating system, allowing you to print from any browser, if you have Adobe Acrobat (full version) installed.  
      • You may cut-and-paste the document to Microsoft Word, which has a Save to PDF feature.
      • You may scan the document using a scanner (or your phone) and provide the image to HESC.