What do I do if I receive a "no curricula available" error when applying for my graduate degree?

If you are an applicant, and you receive an error stating that there is "No curricula available for graduation" when applying for degree conferral, it means that Banner is unable to find a degree that you are eligible to apply for at the given time.  

The reasons for this may be:

You have already applied for degree conferral.
Click the "View Graduation Applications" link at the bottom of the page to review your current applications.

You do not have the required credit hours or standing.
Please review the degree application availability information on the Registrar's page to determine if you are eligible to apply at the current time.

Your Degree Works or CAPP shows that the credit hour count of incomplete requirements is too high.
Even if you meet the criteria for senior standing, if your Degree Works audit shows that your have incomplete requirements that exceed the number of possible credit hours in the upcoming term(s) you will not be able to apply.  For example, if you are applying for the Spring term, and you have two semesters before that time, the maximum amount of credit hours you can pursue is generally 36 hours.  If you have more than 36 hours of work to complete, you will be required to apply for a future term. Please consult with your advisor.

Your program is not eligible for an application.  
This occurs typically if your degree shows as a "W" or "wait" status if you are enrolled in a student teaching program. Consult with advisor, and complete a change of major/status form to have the "W" removed.

You have a hold.
The system will not allow students to apply if they have holds on the account that restrict degree conferral. Please review your record and resolve any holds to continue.